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Special Educator

For children with special needs and learning disorders, we have a special educator who will work with children in a small group setting. We believe that providing an open learning environment, treating children with respect and having trained professionals who understand children with special needs will have a huge impact in bettering the life of these children.

We request parents to please share all special health or learning needs that your child may have. This helps us understand your child better and will help us provide a better support system. We do not believe in the concept of shadow teachers and instead all children are treated equally, without any discrimination. However, this requires open and honest dialogue and a commitment from parents to work with us to best help the child. While all attempts to accommodate the needs of children will be made, if the child has severe health or learning disorders, mental retardation, violent behavior or if the child’s needs are beyond the expertise of our staff and we feel that we are unable to do justice to a child, we reserve the right to ask the parents to seek other professional help and a find a more suitable environment for their child.