Early Learning Center

Unleashing Profound Creativity

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Gifted Children Program

ELC is considered as a Special school in Mangalore

Our after school gifted children’s classes include-

  • Art and Craft classes
  • Dance classes
  • Music and movement classes
  • Fireless cooking classes
  • Poetry, literature and communication classes
  • Leadership and public speaking classes
  • Classical music classes
  • Classical dance classes
  • Practical science experiments classes
  • Practical mathematics and puzzles classes
  • Zumba, dance and fitness classes
  • Nature, meditation and mindfulness classes
  • Value education classes

We provides education for children with multiple teaching methodologies. ELC India is one of the best Play School in Mangalore with world class facilities for play school, after school classes, day care centres etc.

We have various experts who work with us including classical musicians and dancers, artists, scientists, mathematicians, doctors, environmentalists, cooks, farmers and members of the local community. They speak to children, work with them and teach them hands on work. We also take children for field trips every month.

We believe that children do not need to learn for some external objective (marks/ stars/ making others happy) but for their own love for learning. To foster this, we do not have harsh examinations, tests and competitions- instead, we have a lot of inclusive activities and our assessments are personal and non-threatening.