Tips to choose the Best School in Mangalore

Are you very anxious about finding the Best School in Mangalore for your child? Your situation is common to many families living in Mangalore who are looking for world class education and the Best School in Mangalore for their child. Our first piece of advice for you is to step back from the situation and take a deep breath; young children are masters at picking up on their parents’ stress. The city no doubt, houses some of the Best Schools in Mangalore, which are indeed brilliant for children. The main objective for you as a parent is to find a setting where your child will be happy and will flourish.
While looking for the Best School in Mangalore, please remember the best educational environments for children should focus on building children’s confidence and self-esteem and instilling in them a love of learning, than stressing on their marks. Here are few tips that may help you choose the Best School in Mangalore for your child.

Do some research!!

Finding the Best School in Mangalore for your child begins with asking the right questions: what can the school offer, does the school focus on things beyond the realms of the textbook, what syllabus/board does it follow, and is the learning in par with other International Schools? 

Prepare a school Wishlist

To ensure you select the Best School in Mangalore, you should have a clear picture of what is most important to you and your child. You can prepare a list of what will make up a perfect school, including student-teacher ratio, the culture of the school, number of facilities for sporting and extra-curricular activities, and the school’s academic performance. Does the school take an innovative or traditional approach to teaching and learning and which would you prefer? Once you have created this list browse through the school websites, brochures to find out which schools fit your criteria.

Visit the shortlisted schools

There is no better to way to learn about a school than to visit it. You can choose to take a private tour of the schools to find out what extra-curricular activities will be available to your child and how are these balanced with the academic focus? Are parents expected to be involved in school life? We also recommend you to use this opportunity to talk to the front office staff at the school, who can give you an accurate idea about the school environment.
First positive experiences, away from home are key to laying the foundation for successful education. Learning in the Best School in Mangalore should emphasise on the child’s overall wellbeing and enjoyment, because Best School in Mangalore know that happy, stimulated children excel.
If you are looking for the Best School in Mangalore that focuses on the overall well-being of your child, schedule an appointment with us today!

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