Day Care


Day Care

Choosing a high-quality day care centre for your child is a big decision. At ELC, we realize that taking children into our care is no ordinary responsibility.  However, our one-of-a-kind safe and caring environment, lovely professional staff and advanced day care routines built on play-based activities make us one of those rare day care centres that go beyond the idea of day care.We provide nutritious breakfast, midday meal, evening snacks and healthy beverages.

We are one of the largest day care centres for infants, toddlers and kids in Mangalore. Our day care centre helps your child reach their full potential socially, emotionally and physically.  We provide a homely environment for your child away from home. This second home for your child is managed by committed and experienced teachers with strong background in care-giving and initial learning.


Benefits of our Day Care

Our facility complies with standard health, safety and care regulations

Our staff members are attentive, caring and involved at all times

We make sure your child is happy, engaged and comfortable

Our facility contains a range of toys and play materials to ensure a fun-filled experience for the child

The curriculum is designed to help your child grow emotionally and socially