September 2019

Field trip and Teachers’ Day Celebrations!

Keeping in view the secular ethos of the Institution, our children visited Lord Ganesha at Sangha Niketan and seeked his blessings.Our children expressed their love and appreciation for their teachers with beautifully crafted cards, flowers, speeches and songs. Such a wonderful expression of affection tugged at the hearts of teachers and made their day.

Activities at the Learning Lab!

An incremental range of activities ensure that the child is encouraged to continually improve, achieve and excel. Our Learning Lab programs allow young ones explore their passion and help them reach key milestones.

Puppet Show

Our tiny tots were enthralled as their favorite characters came alive during the puppet show. Students were in for a special treat as the puppet show captured their attention and opened doors to their imagination.

Celebrating Nativity of Mother Mary and Ganesh Chaturthi!

The ELC family celebrated Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary and Ganesha Chaturthi with great pomp and splendour. The students offered flowers to Mother Mary with love. They creatively and enthusiastically moulded clay Ganeshas and decorated them.

Onam Celebrations!

Amidst cheers of happiness, bonhomie and excitement, we celebrated Onam with a sense of cultural oneness. Children looked stunning in traditionally attired Kerala kodi sarees and mundus adding great delight to the festive spirit.

Field trip to Kudroli Gokarnath Temple

A Temple is always envisaged as a centre that exhibits the essence of religion: spiritual progress and service to the community. Our children visited the KudroliGokarnath Temple, Mangalore and were mesmerized with its elegant and unique architectural work.

Dasara Celebrations!

Dasara was celebrated in high style at ELC with hordes of our little tigers thronging the campus, dancing to the hectic rhythm of the percussion.Apart from the mesmerizing Tiger dance various other Dasara activities like Gombe Habba, skit, Dandiya etc. left our children awestruck.

Dasara Celebrations with parents

ELC campus wore a bright and colorful look, decked in traditional fabrics. The children and parents glued to the Gombe Habba – Display of Dolls and the Science Exhibition. The ELC lawn broke into one big dance floor as parents and teachers swayed to contagious, energetic tracks and played Dandiya.

August 2019

Celebrating the greatest gift of life...friendship!

On friendship day we celebrated the bonds that have blossomed at ELC – after all, nothing says ‘you’re my friend’ more than celebrating it in an amazing way.

Independence Day Celebrations!

The ELC campus was buzzing with the spirit of freedom as we celebrated Independence Day with unprecedented patriotic fervour.

Maria Montessori’s Birthday: Celebrating the life of an innovative educator

​ELC is deeply honoured to continue Dr. Maria Montessori’s legacy of education, inspiration, and determination. Happy Birthday to a sensational woman whose legacy and life has changed the education system around the world!

Activities at ELC

Our curriculum has been thoughtfully designed with every child in mind — we place a priority on creating engaging and exciting learning experiences that incorporate a wide range of activities.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami

Our cute and naughty Kanhas’ and Radhas’ at ELC celebrated the festival of Janmashtami. The the fun clad event consisted of several entertaining activities like cradling the little Krishna, preparing Krishna’s favorite snacks, dahihandi and decorating earthen pots.