iPads and Technology

With changing times, education needs to evolve and adapt. Unfortunately, most schools in Mangalore and sadly throughout India still use methods that are redundant in this day and age. At ELC, we follow the latest trends and advancement in technologies which helps facilitate a better learning and teaching experience. Every teacher at ELC has an iPad with the best age-appropriate educational apps that children enjoy. We also encourage your child to use iPads as an additional listening center, where they swipe through the pages of a book as it reads to them.  We believe that when children are given the right tools which can be operated by them, self-learning is greatly enhanced. This, in turn, leads to children being independent and self-confident in their ability to learn.


Learn through Technology

We have digitally integrated classrooms equipped with laptops and projectors in each classroom that enables us to introduce children to a vast world that lies beyond their immediate environment. We encourage your child to expand the boundaries of their curiosity and read or visually make themselves aware of nature and many other things enabled by technological advancements which otherwise is not exposed to them in their direct surrounding. 

kid using computer

Benefits of iPads & other Technology

  • Has a positive impact on your child’s literacy
  • Improves communication skills
  • Learning becomes more interesting and exciting for your child
  • Increases your child’s confidence and ownership of learning
  • Helps your child gain the digital skills they need to be digitally informed