Mother - Toddler Program


Mother - Toddler Program

The transition of a child from toddlerhood to the pre-school years is an emotional one for both the mother and the child. The activities at ‘s Mother-Toddler program are aimed to understand the emotional, social and physical needs of a child so that both-the parent and the child-are well prepared when the time for transition arrives.

As much as young children need to interact with other kids of their age, so do parents who need a relaxed space to meet other parents. While toddlers learn the concept of sharing and enjoy playing with other toddlers, the activities aid their physical and emotional growth.

Benefits of our Mother-Toddler Program

  • Promotes sensory and motor skills
  • Parenting suggestions from other parents and like-minded people
  • Encourages easy transitioning to a play school
  • Gives your child an opportunity to explore variety of specially designed educational & play material
  • As a Parent, you get to bond with your child in a conducive environment​