elc Pre kindergarten

The pre-kindergarten at ELC is a place where children play to learn: about new objects, ideas, and situations and about new ways to think. It’s also where they encounter concepts that prepare them for future lessons in reading, writing, math, problem solving, creative thinking and social development.

The world of pre-kindergarten at ELC revolves around more than just alphabets and numbers. We provide a learning environment that facilitates spiritual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth. The evolution of fine and gross motor skills and academics is fulfilled through playtime, games, exercise, arts and crafts, and story time. Our usage of carefully prepared material and activities help your child grow with personal independence, develop concentration, self-motivation and a genuine love of learning. The combination of our defined social structure and intellectual atmosphere propels the unique ability of children at this age to absorb their environment, language and culture.

Benefits of Pre-K

  • Provides a strong foundation for number & letter recognition, formal reading and problem-solving
  • Refines motor skills
  • Establishes and develops important social skills such as peer interaction
  • Blossoms creativity
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