Safety Features ​

Safety Features

We take pride to call ourselves one of the safest preschools in Mangalore. At ELC, our staff is always on their toes, constantly supervising the environment at our center to ensure that all children can play, learn, and interact in a safe and nurturing environment. Our security procedures are of the highest standards as the safety of your child is our top priority.




Fences and locked gates surround the facility. 24-hour surveillance cameras are in place to monitor and record the facility.


Necessary qualification reviews are conducted both before and during staff employment to ensure that your child's education is in safe hands.


Our Facility comprises of approved child-proof surfaces, fall zones, and playground equipment which are arranged in a way to ensure maximum safety.

We sanitize toys, surfaces, and floors throughout the day to prevent the spread of germs. Every child’s health is monitored on a daily basis. We notify parents when a child does not feel well to help prevent illness from spreading.


Each child must be checked in and out every day. Your child will be allowed to leave only with those individuals whom you list in the child’s enrollment records. Sign in and sign-out sheets enable staff to monitor who drops off and picks up each child.


Our staff is certified in CPR and First Aid and Universal Precautions. We also have tie-ups with the nearest hospital in case of any emergencies. A Disaster and Mass Casualty Plan has been developed and is regularly reviewed by the staff.

What Makes ELC The Safest?

Child Supervision

Pick-up and Drop-off

Child Proof Facility

Reliable Staff

Emergency Response Services

High Medical Standards