TLC Library


TLC Library- Creating and Fostering a Strong Culture of Reading

Reading is an essential skill for every child and our approach is to instill in children a strong love for reading. We aim to create and foster a vibrant culture of reading from the very beginning. For this, it is crucial that children are surrounded with good books and associate reading with joy. Not only does reading for pleasure have educational outcomes, but it also helps build empathy in children and widen their imagination.

As a first step, we have set up an extensive children’s library at The Learning Center (TLC). The books at the library have been collected over the decade have been specially curated by educators, teachers and children’s literature experts. This includes Indian and international titles, fiction and non-fiction, and covers a wide range of themes – from friendship and feelings, to wildlife and science.

Our library program coordinator is Nandita Jayaraj, a science writer and storyteller. She co-founded ‘The Life of Science’ project where she traveled to laboratories around India tracking the lives and research of the scientists who work in them. Her most recent book is ’31 Fantastic Adventures in Science: Women Scientists in India’.

We envision our library to be an inviting and cozy space at the heart of our learning centre, a space where children can spend hours poring over the best books. Our subscriptions start at Rs.300/- per month and a biweekly newsletter is part of all subscriptions. We also have premium library memberships where we provide you with read-aloud sessions, books reviews and recommendations, book clubs and other activities that help enable children to integrate reading into their lives.

We welcome you to drop by and enjoy these wonderful books. We hope to work together to raise lifelong readers in Mangalore!