All our early childhood education programs which precede UKG are aimed at joyful learning experiences. UKG is a no different program by that means; play still being one of the crucial activities in this program. It also includes activities that reinforce the various themes picked up in previous programs with adequate opportunities for hands-on experience. Additionally, the program engages your child in school readiness activities such as reading, writing, counting, number recognition and problem-solving. These activities are conducted in a purposeful yet fun-filled manner and are a part of our open curriculum. Children automatically share, learn from interactions with each other and develop collaborative skills. This helps in building confidence, respect for others differences and joy in helping each other.

With the conclusion of our UKG program, the pre-primary education of your child is complete and they are ready to learn through primary education.

Benefits of UKG Learning Program at ELC

  • Development of physical, creative, emotional, social and general awareness
  • Activities involving art, craft, music and dance to encourage practical learning
  • Development of new interests, enjoying the learning process and satisfaction of the child’s curiosity
  • Development of motor skills, creativity, imagination, teamwork, social skills etc.
  • Celebration of festivals to help your child understand and value cultural heritage and appreciate diversity.