Mangalore Literature and Art Festival


Welcome to Mangalore Literature and Art FestivalThe confluence of science, art and culture that is one of a kind

We  present to you a literature festival that transcends conventional definitions and embraces limitless possibilities. The artists, authors, architects, musicians, and researchers will take you on a journey where words, colours, and discoveries intertwine.

The Mangalore Literature and Art Festival 2023 will be held from October 21 -28, 2023 at ELC and CFAL Mangalore. 

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Interactive Session: Sowing seeds in your brain

How reading and observation skills in children help in the development of critical- thinking adults.

It is said nurturing a love for reading from an early age can open doors to a world of knowledge, empathy, and imagination. Join us in this interaction session as we explore how encouraging children to observe and question the world around them lays the foundation for inquisitive, critical minds. Get ready for a session filled with wisdom and anecdotes, as Author, Poet, Journalist, Jerry Pinto shares an interesting perspective on how the journey to critical thinking takes roots.

Jerry Pinto - Poet, Author, Journalist

Oct 21st 2023  - 4.00 PM - 5.00 PM

Poorva Agarwal - Curriculum Designer, Writer

Oct 27th 2023  - 5.00 PM - 6.00 PM
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Book read-aloud: What Makes Me Me? 

Explore the depths of identity and self-discovery in this session.

Join us for a captivating read-aloud session of 'What Makes Me Me?' by Poorva Agarwal! This interactive journey will begin with participants drawing themselves and sharing their unique qualities. As Poorva delves into the book, you will explore the intriguing concept of identity and engage in thought-provoking reflections on what makes us individuals yet interconnected as children and human beings.

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Interactive Session: "GET READY! TO ROCK AND RULE!"

Want to be part of an elite secret organisation of world-conquering young people who call themselves the WoCoTeens?

All you need to do is master 99 essential skills and crack 99 tough challenges! Are. You. Ready!?                                                                                  
"GET READY! TO ROCK AND RULE!" is an exciting and empowering session designed to introduce young individuals to the incredible world of life skills. Inspired by her book "Ready! 99 Must-Have Skills for the World Conquering Teenager" and tailored for almost-teens and their parents, this session by Roopa Pai discusses how mastering these skills can prepare you for a future full of opportunities and challenges and provide a roadmap for personal growth.

Roopa Pai - Author, Columnist, Speaker

Oct 28th 2023  - 4.00 PM - 5.00 PM

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