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A strong foundation for life-long learning!
At ELC, we strive to provide an enriching and joyful learning environment that nurtures curiosity and creativity amongst kids. Our teachers, hold recognized accreditation and additional staff members support the vision of giving your child the best possible start in life.
  • Our amenities are designed like home, for your child to feel like home!
  • We have a staff-child ratio of a minimum of one to ten, which ensures each child receives individual attention
  • Children work independently, in pairs and in small groups, in a fostering learning environment under the guidance of an accredited teacher
  • We are always looking at new innovative methods to develop personalized practices that centre around the student
Excellent pastoral care is what ELC is all about
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Our Programs

Duration: 10 Months
Class Sizes: 15
Ages: 2 – 3
Duration: 10 Months
Class Sizes: 15
Ages: 1.2-2
Duration: 10 Months
Class Sizes: 15
Ages: 3 – 4


Duration: 10 Months
Class Sizes: 15
Ages: 4 – 5


Duration: 10 Months
Class Sizes: 15
Ages: 5 – 6

What makes us the best!


House of Words

We have over 10,000 books on the shelves, and our library is a bright, cozy space, well stocked with picture books, early readers, novels, and collections of various kinds in English and other languages.

Acres of Fun

A playground with over 20,000 sq ft of free play space is what we are proud of. The play space comprises of the sand play area, a mud station, lego block station, doll house, art easel, fountains, a rock-climbing station and what not…

Not just a word, learning the world too!

Learning happens when the textbooks are closed and the mind is allowed to explore the world of possibilities. Our field trips are not just incredible and unique, but valuable life learning experiences.

Safe transport

To ensure safe travel, we have our own school buses designed and equipped as per international standards, manned by trained drivers and personnel.

Individualized attention and self-paced learning

In order to deliver high-quality, individualised education, ELC has a maximum of 10 students per teacher. This ensures that each student is given the proper amount of attention and focus.

Child care at its best

We are the largest day care centre for infants, toddlers and kids in Mangalore. Unlike most day care centres, we do not rely on televisions or electronic media for kids, instead have story telling and play time for them.

Our society, our responsibility

We have taken upon ourselves to set up libraries at various Government Schools. Our teachers & parents proudly volunteer to teach science to the kids at such Schools.

Making a difference - The Special Needs Program

We work with prominent hospitals to provide one-on-one speech, behavioral and occupational therapy for children with special needs.

ELC Primary (Classes I to III)

Our Primary School Curriculum is a blend of the Indian Council of Secondary Education  (ICSE) and the Cambridge International Primary Programme (IGCSE), We offer an exciting and creative learning environment, with an inter-disciplinary appreciation of languages, Mathematics, Sciences and Social Sciences as individual and integrated subjects. A choice between Kannada and Hindi as second/third language is offered, which helps build a strong foundation in Indian Languages.


Montessori Education

A unique approach based on a child’s intrinsic desire to learn.

At the core of Montessori Method of education is the belief that the work of education is to nurture the future of humanity, and that the human spirit is precious, limitless and needs to be inspired.  At ELC, we follow the Montessori Method of education to help children become active seekers of knowledge.

  • “Highly recommend this pre-school to any parent who wants a well-balanced environment for their child.”

    Yogita Thakkar

    Parent, Homemaker
  • “ELC has wonderful facilities to cater to the requirements of the children and also includes the concept of connecting to nature. It gives importance to the essence of learning and has picked methodology from a spread of times as well. Thank you so much for your attempts and congratulations at the success of making the environment so conducive for learning.” Read More

    Chaitra Nayak

    Aryan Kasargode's mother
  • “When I return to pick him up and see the teachers full of smiles even at the end of every day, it leaves me convinced that there is more than knowledge imparted here.”

    Canute Aranha

  • “I truly could not be happier about our decision to enroll our son at ELC. I have seen development in him as a whole since attending ELC.”

    Amritha Rai



At ELC, we understand that preschool admission is a crucial stage in a parent’s life. You would want to select the best preschool for your kid’s primitive educational years and build a strong foundation for the future.  

So why wait!  You are just a few steps away from one of the most trusted, reliable and inclusive pre-schools in India. Hurry, have a look at the admission procedure section now!


Blog & Announcement

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Parents in the United States often hear (and stress about) how students in other countries perform better than our children in math and science. 


Don’t tell your kids that they are. More than three decades of research shows that a focus on “process”—not on intelligence or ability—is key to success in school and in life.