About Us

At ELC, we strive to provide an enriching and joyful learning environment that nurtures curiosity and creativity amongst kids. Our teachers, hold recognized accreditation and additional staff members support the vision of giving your child the best possible start in life.
  • Our amenities are designed like home, for your child to feel like home!
  • We have a staff-child ratio of a minimum of one to ten, which ensures each child receives individual attention
  • Children work independently, in pairs and in small groups, in a fostering learning environment under the guidance of an accredited teacher
  • We are always looking at new innovative methods to develop personalized practices that centre around the student
Excellent pastoral care is what ELC is all about

One-of-a-kind Pre-school Experience

We follow the principles and values of Maria Montessori and believe every child to be more competent than what society gives them credit for. We believe a child learns better when they are trusted; their rights are respected and their curiosity appreciated. At ELC Kindergarten, we celebrate uniqueness and nurture curiosity.Our scientific schooling methods and a supportive learning environment have enabled us to become the epitome of excellence in providing the best pre-school and kindergarten experience in Mangalore.


“Our vision is to provide all learners the access to high quality learning in order to help them become independent thinkers who shine with self-knowledge, creativity, competency and display empathy and respect towards people and environment.”


“We provide quality environments that facilitate quality learning. We encourage independence, curiosity and love for learning by nurturing a child’s passion and potential. We equip children with the power of friendship, care and knowledge.”