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Our Holistic Curriculum


The exercises of practical life are the basis of a Montessori environment. ELC provides a safe and wholesome range of activities that allow your child to develop control, co-ordinate movement, create awareness of his/her environment, responsibility, develop good work habits, concentration, attention, independence and positive self-image.


These activities are designed to reinforce the five senses and to help guide the children in learning to discriminate, clarify and compare. The sensorial materials introduce the concept of colour, weight, shape, texture, size, sound and smell in an enjoyable way and is exciting for the children to learn.


Young children have a phenomenal ability to absorb language. Every effort is made to give each child as much and precise vocabulary as possible. The process of absorbing, communicating and expressing is encouraged both individually and in a group.

creative kid


Mathematics materials are designed to give the child a sound understanding of numbers and their relationship. Work is always introduced in a simple and sensorial way so that the child can see, hold and feel a number or concepts and gradually be led to an abstract understanding.


Curiosity and creativity are important aspects of a Montessori child’s experience. Creative studies include art, music, dance and creative drama.

Children are encouraged to develop their imagination, ability to communicate, express ideas and feelings in creative ways through painting, colouring, collage, play dough, clay etc. There are opportunities for children to enjoy singing, music, drama and storytelling.


“Our vision is to provide all learners the access to high quality learning to help them become independent thinkers who shine with self-knowledge, creativity, competency and to display empathy, respect towards people and environment.” 


“We provide quality environments that facilitate quality learning. We encourage independence, curiosity and love for learning by nurturing a child’s passion and potential. We equip children with the power of friendship, care and knowledge.”