Learner-centric and enquiry-based approaches to learning


Primary (Grade 1-5)

Our primary program is based on the foundation of the principles of the Montessori Method and a pedagogy driven by creativity and critical thinking.

We strive to be a brilliant centre of learning for your child and thrive on opportunities to be research-engaged as a Centre for Educational Possibilities. Our Cambridge Primary curriculum develops learner skills and understanding through the primary years in English, Math and Science. Teachers donning the mantle of a mentor provide the apt classroom environment for children to fortify their imagination, creativity and thus strive to nurture their sense of ease, joy and peace.

Best primary school in Mangalore

ELC India: Elevating best primary school in Mangalore

ELC India proudly stands as a pinnacle of primary education in Mangalore, setting the benchmark for excellence and innovation. As the preferred choice for parents seeking the best primary school in Mangalore, we are dedicated to fostering a stimulating learning environment that empowers young minds.

Unparalleled Academic Excellence

ELC India is built upon our unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Our carefully crafted curriculum goes beyond rote learning, encouraging students to develop critical thinking skills and a deep understanding of subjects.

Inspiring Educators

Our distinguished team of educators is at the heart of what makes ELC India the best primary school in Mangalore. Their passion for teaching coupled with extensive experience creates a nurturing atmosphere where students thrive intellectually and personally.

Cutting-edge Infrastructure

At ELC India, we understand the impact of a conducive learning environment. Our best primary school in Mangalore boasts a modern infrastructure, well-equipped classrooms, and advanced learning resources that facilitate comprehensive learning experiences.

Nurturing Individual Growth

We celebrate the uniqueness of each student. Our personalized approach to education ensures that every child’s strengths are magnified, and their challenges are overcome with tailored support.

A Transformative Journey Begins Here

Enrolling your child at ELC India means embarking on a transformative educational journey. Our reputation as the best primary school in Mangalore stems from our dedication to nurturing intellectual curiosity, instilling confidence, and fostering a lifelong love for learning.

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Make the right choice for your child’s future by choosing ELC India. Together, we’ll nurture a generation of learners who are poised to make a difference in an ever-evolving world. Secure your child’s place at ELC India today and witness the unfolding of their boundless potential.