ELC – the best Alternate school in Mangalore!

Your child is exceptionally creative or outdoorsy or outspoken. Perhaps you had a horror of the structures of your experience at school. Perhaps you find our exam system too narrow or too relentless.
You want your child to have the opportunity to become an individual rather than a typical alumnus of a particular independent school. Is it possible to look for this in a school without sacrificing the academic standards so adamantly required by our modern world? Is it a good idea to promote informality between pupil and teacher, when all around, formality and structure are the very bedrock of the corporate universe?
Alternate school in Mangalore
Alternate school in Mangalore
Alternative schooling at ELC, the best Alternate School in Mangalore differs from mainstream schooling in several ways. We use non-traditional curriculum and pedagogical thoughts, experiment with non-traditional instructional models etc. The common theme that runs across our alternative schooling model is that of customization of education for the benefit of the child and integration of ideals into education. At ELC, our educational approaches are based on Montessori, Waldorf educational, Multiple Intelligences and career-themed methods.
Our alternate school methodologies are highly innovative, experimental and child-centred in their outlook. They are averse to the regimentation that characterizes traditional models of schooling and encourage free thought on the part of the students. The alternate school emphasizes on creativity, free thinking, and all round-development are seen as chief factors that tilt the balance in favour of alternative schooling.
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