Come explore the best IGCSE School in Mangalore!

Our IGCSE curriculum emphasize on hands on learning. Our activities and lesson plans encourage small group activity as well as individual work. The whole curriculum promotes holistic human development intellectually, physically, socially and uses a wide range of activities to refine sensory perceptions.
At ELC Primary & Middle School, the best School in Mangalore, we believe that given the proper environment and guidance, students will gravitate toward purposeful activity. Children’s’ learning environments must accommodate individual interests, needs, and learning styles. We design our classrooms to promote discovery through manipulative and “real life applications.” This approach is beneficial than rote learning or mechanical imitation, because children need freedom of movement and choice, and responsibility must accompany freedom. We welcome you to come and experience the way of learning at the best International School in Mangalore!
IGCSE School in Mangalore
IGCSE School in Mangalore
The curriculum at ELC, the best school in Mangalore is designed to provide the best possible all-round education to each of our students through a comprehensive programme. The aim is to produce inquiring, confident, open-minded children who are reflective in their thinking, balanced and well-disciplined in their behaviour; and grow up to be caring and responsible persons positively engaging with society and the world. Ranked as one of the top schools in Mangalore we believe in the principles of inclusive education and that students are de facto cultural ambassadors of the school.
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