Get ready to explore the best school in Mangalore!

We are one among the top schools in Mangalore for over 10 years, our Montessori learning curriculum, driven by active and self-directed educational processes inspire and develop creative thinking and critical problem-solving skills making us the Best Pre-School in Mangalore. Besides, we are also among the best primary schools in Mangalore, thereby playing an important role and creating an impact in the field of education.
We aim to empower children by maintaining a unique balance of freedom and responsibility. The ELC Montessori School in Mangalore will provide you the early experiences that create a joy of learning, that lasts a lifetime. We invite you to come see why we are the trendsetters in educational childcare, the Maria Montessori way in one of the top schools in Mangalore!
At ELC, one of the top Schools in Mangalore we believe that children should be inspired by their good work, not by rewards, which creates a lifelong love of learning. Being the best pre-school in Mangalore, our classrooms are unique, and filled with quality Montessori materials used to enforce reading, writing, arithmetic, language, music and much more.
Education is the most important and meaningful gift we can give our children. We want our students to explore all the opportunities that are available to them. We strive to ensure that the academic achievements of our students are the best they can ever be. We draw from the opportunities afforded by our beautiful location to enrich the education we provide whether it is in the classroom, on the sports field or on the stage. We want our students to reach goals higher than they ever thought possible. We encourage them to have high expectations of themselves.

We are the recipients of:

  • ‘India’s Promising Preschools of the future’ award for 2017-18, 2018-19 & 2019-20
  • ‘Innovation in the Curriculum’ award
  • ‘Innovative Pedagogy Award’ for 2020-21
  • ‘Excellence In Innovation In Education’ award at the Times Business Awards 2021
  • Nature Friendly Pre-School & Innovative Curriculum Awards for 2021 by Education World
Welcome to our family of students, staff, and parents who make our warm, caring, and happy school.