Gifted Children School

The best School in Mangalore, has some best programs to offer! One among the many programs we offer is the Gifted Children Program for Grade 4-6. The program is bringing together of highly trained faculty, carefully designed curricula, and like-minded peers; a community of enthusiastic learners who share a passion for intellectual inquiry, creativity, and discovery.
The Gifted Children School aims to help children build their knowledge for future Competitive exams, while they explore the fundamentals of Math & Science in the most exciting, creative way! The program has been thoughtfully designed to give children a systematic and stress-free learning environment, where learning happens hands on. Our excellent results in competitive exams for over a decade stand testimony to our commitment – to provide a learning environment where children can all pursue their dreams and reach their highest potential.
At ELC, the best School in Mangalore, our Gifted Children School/Program we help you meet the challenge and fulfil learning responsibilities with unique features virtually unheard of in ordinary school settings. A blend of innovative techniques, creative programs, and classical teaching. Step into one of our classrooms and you will find not a departure from classic approaches; but rather, a more robust and flexible implementation of them.
We focus on education, embracing the “whole child” philosophy wherein the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual facets of a child’s development will be nurtured. Our mission is to provide gifted education with outstanding learning experiences in a supportive environment that: encourages personal and academic excellence, provides intellectual, creative, and artistic challenges; and, optimizes student potential to be citizens who contribute in a significant way to their school community, to the greater community and beyond.
Let your child be part of a legacy, explore the learning at the top School in Mangalore and discover the difference!