ELC, the best School in Mangalore – We follow Maria Montessori in Mangalore!

Our Montessori teacher training program in association with Indian Montessori Centre, imparts training in the Montessori Method for adults interested in exploring Maria Montessori’s teaching methodology. The Online Montessori Training Course makes Maria Montessori’s teaching principles and methods accessible to just about anyone who is interested in learning and benefiting from it. You can now learn about the Montessori-method of helping children from the comfort of your home or any other place where you can access the internet. Periodic in-person sessions enable adequate practice and progress tracking.
Maria Montessori’s philosophy and methods is the core of all that we do at ELC. Dr. Montessori’s focus on the individual child, the peaceful unfolding of the self, and the prepared classroom environment continues to be followed unabated even to this day, thereby making ELC one of the best pre-schools in Mangalore.
Best Kindergarten in Mangalore
Best Kindergarten in Mangalore
ELC is a true Montessori facility offering unique method of child management involving handling and educating children. At two plus children are too young for school yet old enough to learn. For a situation like this, a special environment is created. This environment is to some extent an extension of the children’s room or nursery at home. The main objective of ELC is to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where children’s growth and happiness are encouraged and championed. Our carefully formulated materials, activities and environment provide children the opportunity to develop important attitude, appreciation, skills, ideas and habits that are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.
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