Guide to choosing the Top Play School in Mangalore for your child

Top Play school in Mangalore

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When you are a first-time parent, choosing the right top play school in Mangalore can seem pretty daunting and a little overwhelming. Ultimately, play school is a setting that will help your little ones develop the skills they will need when they start school. If the idea of finding a play school feels a bit overwhelming and unknown, then fear not as we are here with our guide to help you with all the information about choosing the best play school.

What is a Play school?

Play school in Mangalore is a learning space offering early childhood education to children. There is usually an emphasis on play and developing essential social, physical and communication skills in readiness for primary school. It is always recommended to choose a play school that follows the Montessori curriculum, since it gives children the best start to their educational journey.

How old does your child have to be to get into a top play school in Mangalore?

Majority of play school in Mangalore will take children from the age of 2.5 years, so they have enough time to learn and grow, before attending primary school.

What are the benefits of a play school in Mangalore?

There are many benefits if your child attending top play school in Mangalore. One of the biggest benefits is for their own development. By attending a setting at an early age, they will learn that even though you may leave them, you will always come back at the end of the day to pick them up. They will learn to become more independent and less reliant on always having a parent with them to do things. It will also help you get used to being away from them. It can be difficult for both you are your child if, when they start full time primary school, they have to go from being with you all the time to suddenly being at school for long hours. Apart from the emotional benefits, the right school in Mangalore that follows the Maria Montessori method of learning will help your child build social skills, increase concentration, improve confidence/self-esteem and develop stronger communication skills.

How do I choose a Top play school in Mangalore?

When it comes to choosing a play school in Mangalore, one of the most important things is to do your research. Different play schools in Mangalore will offer different things and it is essential to find somewhere that you and your child are happy with. You want to find somewhere safe and where you feel that your child will be happy and looked after.

When visiting a nursery school in Mangalore, it is always worth thinking about what you are looking for and asking some basic questions so that you can understand what the play school can offer. Questions such as: – What teaching methodology do you follow, how will a typical day look for my child, what is the toilet situation, what will my child learn at the play school?

The best school in Mangalore generally focuses around developing simple and fundamental skills that children need at their age. As an example, your child may do activities such as outdoor play, painting, playdoh, brick building, story time, singing, water and sand play, dressing up among many other things.

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