Welcome to the best Kindergarten in Mangalore!

We at ELC Kindergarten, the best play school in Mangalore believe that little children are in the most sensitive stage of development and need individual attention.
When we view from the perspective of the child the first formative years are very crucial, highly constructive and also difficult. The fundamental learning that happens at this stage is one that cannot be acquired in the later years.

We at ELC, the best nursery school in Mangalore aim at creating an environment where children love to learn. The prepared play school in Mangalore is an environment with trained Montessori teachers guide promotes independence, self-discipline, confidence, and respect for a child’s personal and social life. The environment is child friendly, safe, warm and provides ample scope for children to freely move around, relax, settle down and learn at their own pace at the best play school in Mangalore. We provide a spacious work space and an outer play area. The teachers at ELC are Montessori trained and certified from the leading, best Montessori training centres like IMTC and AMI.

Best Kindergarten in Mangalore
Best Kindergarten in Mangalore
Children of ages 2.5 years to 4.5 years are characterised by unbounded energy, unlimited curiosity and untethered creativity. We simply help them channel these qualities through three specific goals: Build confidence, mindfulness, and self-regulation. The Montessori curriculum for early years helps us achieve these goals through developing communication skills, language and literacy, numeracy and mathematics, physical development and personal-social-emotional development. Structured play and free play are a huge part of early years education to unleash the creativity of each child. These important aspects of learning make us the best Kindergarten in Mangalore!

Being one of the best Kindergarten in Mangalore, our program combines elements of the globally-recognised Montessori philosophy with our own well-designed approach to early childhood education. Rooted in research and insight gleaned from years of experience, our one-of-a-kind framework empowers children to explore their natural curiosity and allows their unique personalities to emerge.

As the best Kindergarten in Mangalore, our curriculum provides an age-appropriate, activity-based academic plan. The curriculum content is research-based, alongside best educational practices with an emphasis on every child’s unique learning styles. Stories & narratives are an integral part of our curriculum, that help nurture & build a strong character, independent mind, and confident students.
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