Welcome to the Best Nursery School in Mangalore!

At ELC – the best Nursery School in Mangalore we understand that Nursery can be one of the most exciting times in a child’s education. It is when our little one’s curiosity drives interactive, inquiry-based learning. It is also a time when our teachers develop your child’s self-esteem while nurturing their skills within a stimulating and supportive environment.
At ELC – the Best Nursery School in Mangalore, we focus on creating a warm, caring environment for our students through small class sizes and integrating Maria Montessori’s values and creative teaching methods that make learning fun.
At ELC- the best Nursery School in Mangalore, Nursery is the first year of children in a school environment, and we treat it as a transition year to the formal education process. This is a time to lay academic foundations, but even more it is a time to instil a delight in learning. Making school fun is achieved through Montessori activities, building and creating, telling stories, reciting poetry, and singing.
At the best Nursery School in Mangalore, our Nursery classes are where we really shine! We provide a safe, welcoming environment for your little ones to learn and grow. The classes are led by Montessori trained teachers who have experience in childhood education and are personally committed to the development of the whole child.
You will be amazed by the level of focus and engagement of the children working with their own selected learning materials. The individual lessons and daily activities at the best Nursery School in Mangalore are targeted to each child’s interests and abilities making the learning perfectly tailored to each student.
Learning progression and appropriate materials and lessons are all part of adhering to the Montessori method first created by the acclaimed Dr. Maria Montessori. Based on this time-tested approach to development, students are introduced to various practical life, sensorial and other skills at the top playschool in Mangalore.
Let us share with your child the wonders of education in an environment that lets them be uniquely them. Start your child’s journey of learning together at the Best Nursery School in Mangalore.