Why stress on early education?

Is your kid old enough to join formal schooling? This has always been a debatable question for both the parents as well as professionals. However, research suggests that starting early education in the right environment with the right teacher, kindles the love for lifelong learning.

Young children learn from simple things that they see, hear, smell, taste and work. They learn from interactions and from places they visit. Their minds are inquisitive and always on the lookout for new things to learn. Hence, many feel that early education benefits not only the children, but their families too. Children learn best when they interact with their peers and are not under any kind of pressure to perform. Learning in a conducive environment gives kids the confidence to pick up news things day in and day out.

Advantages of starting early


Enhanced social skills: Starting early education for kids apart from academics has its own social impacts. Social skills like determination, concentration and cognitive skills are built when you start educating them early. When children engage themselves in an activity, they express their ideas, learn to make new friends, share, are more aware and accountable. In a whole, a balanced individual is what we derive.

Excellent performance in School: They have a strong foundation, that help them to be strong not only socially, but emotionally and mentally as well. They are not just prepared for academic exams, but are strong enough to face the tests of life. There are reduced chances of them needing special instructors during their high school days and beyond.

Better Attention Span: Children tend to be more curious and more interested in exploring and learning new things.  Quality childhood programs exemplify their opportunities to discover new things, new friends, face new challenges. Their ability to listen, grasp and follow instruction and work independently, all of which are vital in having better attention span.

Commitment to life long learning: Quality early education results in confident individuals who perform better in school and are capable of building resilience during times of trouble. They not only develop a long-term interest in learning through books, but are inclined towards other activities like music, dance, cooking etc.

All starts young! When kids observe the litter, they care about picking the trash while walking, they tend to help the neighbour water his plants, donate food to the needy. Kindness and giving back becomes a part of their personality. The fresh new minds think, question, analyse and once convinced adopt things that stay with them for life. It’s not education, its LIFESKILLS that they learn.


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