Montessori Method​

child holding a chalkboard on white background

Montessori Method

To aid your child’s life, to leave it free

At ELC, we follow the Montessori Method of Education to help your child become active seekers of curiosity. The Montessori Method of Education was discovered by Maria Montessori after developing a set of educational principles that followed the natural development in children. She became world-renowned for her contribution to the field of children’s education. This unique approach has been in use for over 100 years in many parts of the world and continues to enhance the learning experience.

Montessori Method of Education satisfies the irresistible thirst for knowledge in a child by introducing learning in a friendly and curiosity-inspiring environment. With Montessori early learning approach at ELC, your child is encouraged to explore concepts at their own pace. Montessori style of training helps our teachers to provide an environment where your child has the liberty and the tools to pursue answers to their own questions. This fosters learners who value asking questions as much as answering them and cherish the excitement of learning something new.

Highlights and Benefits Montessori Method at ELC

  • Classrooms designed and organized to have integrated batches
  • IMTC trained teachers
  • Extensive Montessori material
  • School also has an IMTC teachers training program
  • Child-centred learning
  • Teachers facilitatethe learning experience and inspire creativity
  • Curriculum focused on hands-on learning
  • Teaching is highly individualized to each student
  • Children learn through practicing tasks
  • Focus on key developmental stages
  • Emphasis on self-discipline
  • The program is well arranged and based on the principle of freedom